Procedures when using Bait Boat Works

  1. Please contact us with your enquires about possible works to your bait boat by Facebook message or email us here.
  2. Once work has been discussed and agreed
  3. Print and fill out the Bait Boat Works form below and place it in the box with your bait boat. It is important your fill out all sections of the form to assist us with your bait boat 
  4. Print out the address label below and attach to your box
  5. You should then arrange the delivery of your boat by courier
  6. Once we receive your boat we will assess the job and then contact you with an estimate
  7. If you are happy with the estimate we will do the necessary
  8. If your are not happy with the estimate your boat will be sent back by courier at a cost to you of £15.00
  9. During the agreed works if further issues are identified with your boat we will contact you to discuss and agree before carrying out any further works.
  10. Once the works have been completed we will contact you to arrange payment. We can take payments by paypal or by major credit and debit cards over the phone
  11. We will then send your bait boat back to you by courier at a charge of £15.00. We will also provide an invoice in the box with your boat listing any parts and jobs that were carried out.
  12. If you have any questions or suggestions about are procedures please contact us /contact-us.html


Here are files you’ll need to download, print out and send to us along with your Bait Boats.

Discover the Bait Boat Works Conversion

If you think your bait boat is old and outdated, as long as the hull is in good condition you can have the The ‘Works’ Bait Boat Conversion.